The McGuinness Institute’s Think Piece 22: Proposal for the Creation of an Oceans Institution is now published!

The McGuinness Institute has published Think Piece 22: Proposal for the Creation of an Oceans Institution. This think piece suggests that one key building block necessary to deliver robust ocean governance is missing – an oceans institution.

This new government institution would act as both a chronicler and a steward of ocean policy. It would become the central landing pad for all aspects of ocean policy. It is important to note that we do not envisage this new institution as a decision-making body or one that would undertake scientific research, nor as a lobbyist for special-interest groups. Instead it would focus on chronicling the narrative (sharing data, information and strategic knowledge about our oceans) and stewardship (collating and integrating information to inform all stakeholders and suggest effective and durable public policy making). This would create a space for collaboration and creativity, enabling policy to be developed with stakeholders over time and providing New Zealanders with durable public policy that delivers certainty and trust.

The think piece includes a list of FAQ’s and outlines a timeline of key events and legislation from 1990 to 2015. To download Think Piece 22 see the McGuinness Institute’s website. To read more about the think piece see the McGuinness Institute’s blog post.

New Zealand Antarctic Youth Council (NZAYC) Chair, Ngahuia Leighton, was involved in the consultative process and discussion sessions that lead to the publication of Think Piece 22. The NZAYC is an initiative of the McGuinness Institute’s Project One Ocean.

Background to Think Piece 22
Following the publication of Report 10: One Ocean: Principles for the stewardship of a healthy and productive ocean, the McGuinness Institute sought to further its work on New Zealand ocean management. The discussion and launch event in Auckland on 12 May 2015 set the direction for our work going forward. The Institute has since held two round-table events to explore what a proposed oceans institution might look like. Think Piece 22: Proposal for the Creation of an Oceans Institution is the result of this consultative process. You can learn more about each event and the outputs here.