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The New Zealand Antarctic Youth Council is a group of young New Zealanders aged 18 to 30 who share an interest in the Antarctic region. The Council seeks to provide New Zealand youth with a platform for engagement with issues surrounding the Antarctic and Southern oceans.

This website is the forum for the Council to engage the public about the Antarctic region.

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The Organising Committee is continuously seeking to grow the community of young people committed to the sustainable long-term future of the Antarctic and to the protection of our shared Antarctic heritage. By becoming a member of the NZAYC, you will receive updates on the Committee’s work and invitations to the Council’s annual events. If you are interested in connecting with the Council or in joining as a member, please contact Chair Ngahuia Leighton at antarcticyouthnz@mcguinnessinstitute.org.

A New Zealand Antarctic Youth Council is an initiative of the McGuinness Institute.

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